Meet Bryan & Greta

Hi there! We are so happy you found us. We don’t know what brought you here but we are sure it’s a good sign. We are Bryan and Greta. We are an Indonesian photographer duo based in Irvine, California. Whenever people ask us about our story, we tried to make it as simple as possible. We are Junior-high school sweethearts turned best-friend turned lover. We both love to travel, explore new places, and photography has always been our passion. It’s one thing that bonds us.

lovers. soulmates. best-friends. partners-in-crime. ride or die. peas in a pod —Whatever your cute saying.. that’s us.

We started BRYTE Moments in early 2019. Our goal is to photograph from the lifechanging to life’s most candid moments that you can look back on 20 years later and still put a smile (or tears) on your face. We are visual storytellers who strive to document the raw expressions of love, commitment, and joy through their adventurous and intimate photoshoots.

We absolutely love what we do. We had documented some of the most intimate and real moments of people’s lives and we are truly honored to be a part of their journey.

Thank you for considering hiring us to capture your love stories and adventures. We are excited to get to know you and create some serious magic. Let’s be friends, contact us today and let’s plan a little adventure with you and your loved one.