A Perfect Family Day-Out at Balboa Island

May 15, 2018

Orange county has the nicest beach stretch here in South California. We were so excited when our client, Stephanie chose Balboa Island as the location for our family portrait session. They showed up perfectly color coordinated, the boys wearing matching suit and tie regardless the warm spring weather. The best thing about having a family portrait session in Balboa Island is the atmosphere is fun for families to enjoy. 

There are restaurant and booth serving pizza, churros and hotdogs all day. Not to mentions, the games kids going to love as their reward after a long session day. The sunset at the pier was gorgeous, making it a perfect background to close our session. Thank you, Stephanie and family for a lovely time.


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  • 안전해외사이트 January 4, 2021

    Best view i have ever seen !

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