The Most Beautiful Beach in Bali

May 15, 2018

When my sister told me that she’s going to Bali, she asked my recommendation for the must-visit places. I lived in Bali for 2 years so I know my favorite spots on top of my head. I instantly thought about my most favorite beach in Bali.. Melasti beach. 

This used to be a hidden gems of Bali. I used to come here and the beach is so empty. There were only few locals with their family. The sunset here is so breathtaking. When it’s low-tide, you can find natural Jacuzzis along the sandy white beach stretch. So when I had a chance to shoot with Adam and Helen, there’s no other place I would go, and guess what?! They also love Melasti beach. They had never been at Melasti before. We were so lucky we were blessed with a great weather. 

Thank you Adam and Helen for making the Melasti beach dream session came true!